This repo is brand new!

Please note, by convention, the original / primary remote repository is called origin.

If you are starting a brand new project without a local repository, here are the suggested commands:

git clone ssh:// cd Basics_for_Elektor git checkout -b main touch README.rst git add README.rst git commit -m "Add README file" git push -u origin main

If you already have a local Git repository, initialized with git init, you will need to associate your local repository with the Efabless Repository remote location. The following commands will add Efabless Repository as a remote repository and push your changes to the main branch.

git remote add origin ssh:// git push -u origin main

If you already have a remote repository, for example one on GitHub, use the command below to add another remote Git repo (make sure that each repo has its unique ID, e.g. origin, ef-repo in the example below).

git remote add ef-repo ssh:// git push -u ef-repo main