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Yonga-MCU is a 32-bit RISCV-IMC instruction set compatible SoC design with peripherals like UART, SPI and I2C. The design is based on famous pulp team's pulpino. We (Yongatek Microelectronics from Turkiye) try to tape-out this MCU to gain experience on openlane flow with MPW7 with minor modifications from the original pulpino work. You can get more information about pulp team and pulpino by clicking links below: PULP Platform https://pulp-platform.org/index.html Pulpino SoC https://github.com/pulp-platform/pulpino Our main aim is to add our previous MPW submissions such as CAN, MODBUS and Ethernet to YONGA-MCU by modifying and enhancing it and tape-out in MPW8 our final MCU system.
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