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Stabilising the current, voltage of the solar panel under controlled temerature
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Solar Panel Monitor

Caravel User Project

License UPRJ_CI Caravel Build

This RTL block implements an AI-powered solar panel monitor. It takes the voltage, current, and temperature readings from the solar panel as inputs, and calculates the power and efficiency of the solar panel. The results are then displayed on an external display.

Pin Size (bits) Description
voltage 12 Solar panel voltage input
current 12 Solar panel current input
temperature 12 Solar panel temperature input
clk 1 Clock signal
reset 1 Reset signal
voltage_display 12 Digital voltage display output
current_display 12 Digital current display output
power_display 12 Digital power display output
temperature_display 12 Digital temperature display output
efficiency_display 12 Digital efficiency display output


To use the AI solar panel monitor, simply connect the voltage, current, and temperature sensors from the solar panel to the corresponding inputs of the block. Then, connect the external display to the outputs of the display module.

The block will then automatically start monitoring the solar panel and displaying the results on the external display.


  • AI-powered power and efficiency calculation
  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive display of solar panel information


  • Solar panel monitoring systems
  • Energy management systems
  • Renewable energy systems