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Tiny Tapeout 05 Openframe

This repository contains the GDS file for the Tiny Tapeout 05 Openframe project. It was generated from https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tinytapeout-05-openframe@867b3b153923933f86ea723174453a407b14dcb2.

Project Index

Address Author Title Type Git Repo
0 Uri Shaked Chip ROM HDL https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tt-chip-rom
1 Sylvain Munaut TinyTapeout 05 Factory Test HDL https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tt05-factory-test
2 Sylvain Munaut TinyTapeout 05 Loopback Test Module HDL https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tt05-loopback
3 Miles Segal Leaky Integrate and Fire Neuron Model HDL https://github.com/nfjesifb/Leaky_Integrate_Fire_Neuron_Model
4 Karina Aguilar Time Multiplexed Neuron Ckt HDL https://github.com/KarinaAguilar/tt05-time-multiplexed-neuron-circuit
5 Brandon Cruz SAP-1 Computer HDL https://github.com/brandcrz88/SAP-1_Computer
6 Shatoparba Banerjee Current Based Leaky Integrate and Fire Model HDL https://github.com/shatoparbabanerjee/tt05-verilog-demo
7 Johannes Leugering TickTockTokens HDL https://github.com/jleugeri/tnt-ticktocktokens
8 Skye Gunasekaran Spiking LSTM Network HDL https://github.com/SkyeGunasekaran/TinyTapeout-ECE183
9 Kembay Assel Integrate-and-Fire Neuron. (Verilog Demo) HDL https://github.com/mountains-high/tt05-mountains-high-if
10 Faculty of Technical Sciences Cacak, University of Kragujevac Neural network on chip HDL https://github.com/vladamladenovic/neural_network_FTS_Cacak_Serbia
11 Phillip Marlowe Simple Leaky Integrate and Fire (LIF) Neuron HDL https://github.com/phillipmmarlowe/tt05-verilog-HLS-LFI
12 diadatp e Spigot HDL https://github.com/diadatp/tt05_spigot_e
13 Kevin You Continued Fraction Calculator HDL https://github.com/kskyou/tt05
14 Hendrik Water Pump Controller Wokwi https://github.com/fahek/water-pump-controller-tto5
15 Emily Lee Event Denoising Circuit HDL https://github.com/nerfectt/tt05-verilog-demo
32 Matt Venn, cloned by Cedric Honnet 7 segment seconds (Verilog Demo) HDL https://github.com/honnet/TinyTapeout_tt05-submission-template
33 Hannah Cohen-Sandler Frequency Encoder/Decoder HDL https://github.com/hcohensa/tt05-freq-enc-dec-chip
34 Jonathan Zentgraf UART Greeter with RNN Module Wokwi https://github.com/zx96/tiny-tapeout-5
35 Ciro Cattuto WS2812B LED strip driver Wokwi https://github.com/ccattuto/tt05-rng-ws2812b-strip
36 Rob Campbell KG6HUM Tiny Tapeout 5 Workshop Wokwi https://github.com/kg6hum/tinytapeout5_test1
37 James Bryant Tiny Tapeout 1 Wokwi https://github.com/james-bryant/tiny-tapeout
38 Caleb Hensley Supercon Workshop Wokwi https://github.com/calliday/tiny-tapeout
39 Erik Mercado Matrix Multiplier HDL https://github.com/mercadoerik1031/tt05-matrix-multiplier-demo
40 Joey Castillo Clock Divider Wokwi https://github.com/joeycastillo/joey-tiny-tapeout-5
41 Chinchilla Binary Counter Wokwi https://github.com/eatb33ts/tinytapeout_jkff
42 Bob Poekert ring osc test Wokwi https://github.com/bobpoekert/tinytapeout
43 Kumar Abhishek 7 segment clock with 4 digits HDL https://github.com/abhishek-kakkar/tt05-verilog-7seg-clock
44 dmitry test001 Wokwi https://github.com/DmitryPustovit/tiny-tapeour-demo
45 Ethan Mulle Hodgkin-Huxley Chip Design HDL https://github.com/etmulle/ece293-chip-design
46 Dakota W Winslow Character Selector Wokwi https://github.com/dakotawinslow/TinyTapeout5
47 Chih-Kuan Ho and David Parent Intructouction to PRBS Wokwi https://github.com/davidparent/PRBS-ASIC
64 Ryan Young tto5 Supercon Project Wokwi https://github.com/ryanayoung/tto5_superconsubmission001
65 John Madden Delta Modulation Spike Encoding HDL https://github.com/jmadden173/tt05-delta-modulation
66 Eric Moderbacher GameOfLife Wokwi https://github.com/ericmoderbacher/TapeOut
67 Alan Reflex Game HDL https://github.com/amabraha/my_tiny_tapeout_reflex_game
68 Alexandre Ney Guimaraes Logic Gates Tapeout Wokwi https://github.com/AlexandreNeyGuimaraes/TinyTapeoutTest
69 Fiona Fisher Stream Cipher w/ LSR (8 bit key) HDL https://github.com/Fiona-CMU/streamcipher
70 HMaxMax tt5modifyd Wokwi https://github.com/HMaxMax/tt5modifyd
71 Devan Grover & Siddharth Kunisetty ALU Chip HDL https://github.com/devgro/TinyTapeoutDemo
72 bignug13 Tapeout Test Wokwi https://github.com/bignug13/Tapeout
73 Rylan Morgan Calculator chip HDL https://github.com/rjmorgan11/tt05-rjmorgan11
74 poynting Shifty Snakey Wokwi https://github.com/poynting/tt5-shiftsnake
75 Gyanepsaa Singh Synth HDL https://github.com/GyanepsaaS/TT_synth_GyanepsaaS
76 Mooneer Salem Sawtooth Generator HDL https://github.com/tmiw/supercon2023-ttl
77 Ariella Eliassaf Blinking A Wokwi https://github.com/AriellaE/blinking-a
78 Alec Probst Supercon 2023 HDL https://github.com/alecjprobst/supercon2023
79 Test Sparsity Aware Matrix Vector Multiplication HDL https://github.com/aidanzinn/tt05-verilog-demo-ECE183
96 Dave Cox Ring Oscillator and Clock Source Switch Wokwi https://github.com/davecoxhome/tinytapeout
97 Aled dela Cruz Matrix Vector Multiplication (Verilog Demo) HDL https://github.com/alrdelcr/tt05-verilog-alrdelcr
98 Benjamin Meyer IDK WHAT TO DO Wokwi https://github.com/CrypticXVZ/LOL
99 Abrez Hussain, Dean Xavier Batres, Nathan Chau 7-segment display logic system Wokwi https://github.com/abrez2004/7segment
100 Jeremy Hong Hardware Trojan Example Wokwi https://github.com/hongselectronics/HW_Trojan_hongseleco
101 Justin Hui Analog Clock Wokwi https://github.com/jhui323444/tt05-submission-template-Justin-Hui-Analog-Clock
102 Shravyasai Koushik 7 segment display Wokwi https://github.com/Shrav21/tapeouttest
103 Wendi Li W_Li_10/28 Wokwi https://github.com/wendiiiiii/vlsi
104 Adam Chasen Supecon Gate Play Wokwi https://github.com/chaseadam/tt5
105 Manju Shettar ECE 183 - Integrate and Fire Network Chip Design HDL https://github.com/manjushettar/tt-183
106 kl tto5 Wokwi https://github.com/klei22/tto5
107 Ole Christian Moholth and Steven Bos REBEL-2 Balanced Ternary ALU HDL https://github.com/aiunderstand/tt05-REBEL2-balanced-ternary-ALU
108 David Parent Stochastic Multiplier Wokwi https://github.com/davidparent/Stochastic-Multiplier
109 Jeff DiCorpo 7 segment seconds - count down HDL https://github.com/jeffdi/tt-test
110 Alexander Whittemore TT05 Submission Wokwi https://github.com/alexwhittemore/TT05-AlexW
111 Mariana_Huerta Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Neuron HDL https://github.com/huertma/tt05-leaky-integrate-fire-neuron
128 Eric Smith Count via LFSR Wokwi https://github.com/ericsmi/tt05-wokwi-lfsr-counter
130 Darryl Miles I2C BERT HDL https://github.com/dlmiles/tt05-i2c-bert
132 Eric Smith tt05-loopback tile with input skew measurement HDL https://github.com/ericsmi/tt05-loopback-with-skew
134 Daniel Robinson Flappy VGA HDL https://github.com/Cutout1/tt05-flappy-vga
136 Paul Schulz Asynchronous Parallel Processor Demonstrator HDL https://github.com/PaulSchulz/tt05-async-proc
138 Jorge Gómez y Felipe Gómez Hex Countdown Wokwi https://github.com/fegomezmir96/Contador
140 Nick Hay Matrix multiply coprocessor (8x8 1bit) HDL https://github.com/nickjhay/tt05-submission-template
142 htfab Standard cell generator and tester HDL https://github.com/htfab/cell-tester
160 Nicholas Kuipers Winner-Take-All Network (Verilog Demo) HDL https://github.com/Kuipman/tt05-wta-demo
161 Axel Andersson & Per Andersson Lion cage HDL https://github.com/Muncherkin/tt_um_muncherkin_lioncage
162 Kevin Sandoval Brain Inspired Random Dropout Circuit HDL https://github.com/Ksandov4/CHIPDESIGN
163 Sean Venadas Event-Based Denoising Circuit HDL https://github.com/seanvenadas/tt05-verilog-ece183chip
164 Rodolfo Sanchez RAM cell test Wokwi https://github.com/RodSchz/tt05-RodSchz-RAMtest
165 ReJ aka Renaldas Zioma Classic 8-bit era Programmable Sound Generator AY-3-8913 HDL https://github.com/rejunity/tt05-psg-ay8913
166 Ridger Zhu RNN (Demo) HDL https://github.com/ridgerchu/first-chip
167 William Bodeau STDP Neuron HDL https://github.com/Gharenthi/tt05-verilog-fork-stdp
168 Abhinandan singh Basic Spiking Neural Network HDL https://github.com/abhiucsc/SNN293
169 Philip Mohr 8 bit floating point adder HDL https://github.com/BTFLV/tt05-btflv-8bit-fp-adder
170 Sathyaprakash Narayanan Perceptron Hardcoded HDL https://github.com/satabios/ttf-perceptron
171 J. Przepioski Cheap and quick STDP HDL https://github.com/jkprz/tt05-verilog-demo
172 Derek Abarca Brain-Inspired Oscillatory Network HDL https://github.com/derekabarca/tt05-OscilatorNetworks
173 Anish Singhani UART uwuifier HDL https://github.com/asinghani/uwuifier-tt05
174 Connor Guzikowski Perceptron and basic binary neural network HDL https://github.com/connorguzi/tt05-perceptron
175 Muhammad Hadir Khan Leaky Integrate-and-Fire Neuron HDL https://github.com/hadirkhan10/tt05-leaky-neuron
192 Matt Venn 7 segment seconds Wokwi https://github.com/mattvenn/tt05-seven-segment-seconds-wokwi
194 UABC UABC-ELECTRONICA HDL https://github.com/rogeermv/UABC_ELECTRONICA_2023
196 proppy bytebeat HDL https://github.com/proppy/tt05-bytebeat
197 Milosch Meriac Super Mario Tune on A Piezo Speaker HDL https://github.com/meriac/tt05-play-tune
198 Rutuparn Pawar Byte Computer HDL https://github.com/InputBlackBoxOutput/Byte-Computer
199 Matt Venn 7 segment seconds (VHDL Demo) HDL https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tt05-vhdl-demo
200 CE JMU Wuerzburg 4-Bit ALU HDL https://github.com/CEJMU/tt05-alu
201 ReJ aka Renaldas Zioma Classic 8-bit era Programmable Sound Generator SN76489 HDL https://github.com/rejunity/tt05-psg-sn76489
202 Steve Jenson Miniature Programmable Interrupt Timer HDL https://github.com/stevej/tt05-minipit-stevej
203 Gerry Chen 7-segment Name Display HDL https://github.com/gchenfc/Gerrys-Custom-ASIC-tt05
204 Carson Swoveland Tetris HDL https://github.com/SuperTails/tt-tetris
205 Morteza Biglari-Abhari Simple_Timer-MBA HDL https://github.com/mabhari/tt05-my_simple_timer
206 Nathan Zhu UART Transceiver HDL https://github.com/njzhu/tt05_uart_transceiver
207 Arfan Ghani AGL CorticoNeuro-1 Wokwi https://github.com/arfanghani/tt05-submission-AGhani
224 Ruhai Lin Leaky-Integrated Fire Neuron HDL https://github.com/ruhai-lin/tt05-lif-demo
225 Emilian Miron Ringy oscillator and fast computation HDL https://github.com/diferential/tt05-ringy
226 Rodolfo Sanchez Fraga UART test Wokwi https://github.com/RodSchz/tt05-RodSchz-uart_test
227 Nissan Kunju Heart Rhythm Analyzer HDL https://github.com/tkmceberl/tt05-tkm-heart
228 Binh Nguyen Spike-timing dependent plasticity (Verilog Demo) HDL https://github.com/howyoubinh/tt05-stdp-demo
229 Miho Yamada Tiny Tapeout 5 TM project1 Wokwi https://github.com/keropiyo/tt05-submission-template
230 Aidan Medcalf Thermocouple-to-temperature converter (digital backend) HDL https://github.com/AidanMedcalf/tt05-thermocouple
231 Sean Bruton Naive 8-bit Binary Counter Wokwi https://github.com/sbruton/asic-poc
232 Anish Singhani tinyscanchain Test Design HDL https://github.com/asinghani/tinyscanchain-tt05
233 Carlos Guerra & Marco Gurrola 6 digit chronometer. HDL https://github.com/CarlosGS99/Chronometer_UdG
234 Rogelio Franco Convolutional Network Circuit Chip Design HDL https://github.com/suhrojo/ConvolutionalNC-Design
235 Mathias Eriksen Matrix Vector Multiplication Accelerator HDL https://github.com/MathiasTEriksen/tt05-SparcityAware
236 Dylan Louie Perceptron (Neuromeme) HDL https://github.com/Sinfinite01/tt05-verilog-Sinfinite
237 Lucius Chee 4 Bit ALU HDL https://github.com/czlucius/tt05_alu
238 Aravind Ramamoorthy Binary Neural Network (Verilog Demo) HDL https://github.com/aravindbe/tt05-BNN-demo
239 Uri Shaked SkullFET HDL https://github.com/urish/tt05-skullfet
256 Ryota Suzuki Wavetable Sound Generator HDL https://github.com/JA1TYE/tt05-TYE-tone-generator
258 Ruibin Mao PWM signal generation with Winner-Take-All selection HDL https://github.com/Jaylenne/tt05-wta-pwm
260 Joerdson Silva Multimode Modem HDL https://github.com/joerdsonsilva/tt05-multimode-modem
262 Toivo Henningsson Analog emulation monosynth HDL https://github.com/toivoh/tt05-synth
264 Petros Emmanouilidis Tiny Game of Life HDL https://github.com/Petros-Emmanouilidis/tt05-Petros-Emmanouilidis-tiny-game-of-life
266 Mingkai Chen Stack Machine HDL https://github.com/mingkaic1/tt05-stack-machine
268 Wallace Everest ChipTune HDL https://github.com/WallieEverest/tt05
270 Uri Shaked Game of Life 8x8 (siLife) HDL https://github.com/urish/tt05-silife-8x8
271 Harald Pretl and Jakob Ratschenberger TT05 Analog Testmacro (Ringo, DAC) HDL https://github.com/iic-jku/tt05-analog-test
290 Brian 'redbeard' Harrington RBUART Wokwi https://github.com/brianredbeard/tt05-submission-template
292 Matt Ngaw 8-bit Floating-Point Adder HDL https://github.com/mattngaw/98154-tt05-fp8adder
294 Matheus 6 bit Counter and Piano Music created by Chip Inventor HDL https://github.com/matheus-VBLabs/tt05_chip_inventor_01
296 Aldo 4 Bit Pipelined Multiplier HDL https://github.com/crispy245/tt05-4-CSA-Bit-Pipelined-Multiplier-Crispo
298 Andrew Nam 2-Bit ALU + Dice Wokwi https://github.com/andrewjh09nam/tinytapeout05_andy_ALU_dice
300 Darryl Miles TT02 Wokwi 7seg remake Wokwi https://github.com/dlmiles/tt05-7seg-mux-transpose
302 Timonas Juonys ping pong asic Wokwi https://github.com/Timonas04/pong_game
320 SEAL, CSE Department, IIT Kharagpur A Boolean function based pseudo random number generator (PRNG) HDL https://github.com/fleathlushby/tt05_boolean_pseudo_random_generator
322 Samuel Ellicott Digital Desk Clock HDL https://github.com/sellicott/sellicott_tt5_digital_clock
324 Haozhe Zhu 4-bit FIFO/LIFO HDL https://github.com/HaozheZhu/tt05-HZ
326 Leo Moser One Sprite Pony HDL https://github.com/mole99/tt05-one-sprite-pony
328 EconomIC Engineers 4 bit Sync Gray Code Counter HDL https://github.com/ariz207/tt05_GrayCounter
330 Austin Lo Clock and Random Number Gen HDL https://github.com/lolo0827/tapeout-v2
332 Matt Venn TT05 Analog Test HDL https://github.com/mattvenn/tt05-analog-test
334 Tom Keddie VGA Experiments HDL https://github.com/TomKeddie/tinytapeout-2023-tt05a
354 yubex metastability experiment HDL https://github.com/yubex/tt04-metastability-experiment
356 LogicComputing MyUART HDL https://github.com/LogicComputing/tt05-myUART
384 ReJ aka Renaldas Zioma Rule110 cell automata HDL https://github.com/rejunity/tt05-rule110
390 Tommy Thorn No Time for Squares HDL https://github.com/tommythorn/no-time-for-squares
396 Uri Shaked Game of Life 8x32 (siLife) HDL https://github.com/urish/tt05-silife-max
398 Gerrit Grutzeck TROS HDL https://github.com/gfg-development/tt05-tros
450 Michael Tomlinson, Joe Lie, ChatGPT-4, Andreas Andreou - mtomlin5@jh.edu ChatGPT designed Spiking Neural Network HDL https://github.com/AndreouLab/tinytapeout_05_chatgpt_snn
454 Chinmay Patil Karplus-Strong String Synthesis HDL https://github.com/pyamnihc/tt05-um-ks-pyamnihc
458 Anish Singhani VGA Dino Game HDL https://github.com/asinghani/dinogame-tt05
460 Himanshu Yadav Dual Compute Unit HDL https://github.com/himanshu5-prog/tt_um_myChip
462 Vytautas Šaltenis Collatz conjecture brute-forcer HDL https://github.com/rtfb/tt05-collatz
518 Reto Stamm Field Programmable Neural Array HDL https://github.com/retospect/tt05-fpna-rs
526 Uri Shaked DFFRAM Example (128 bytes) HDL https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tt05-dffram-example
582 rej Chonky SNN HDL https://github.com/rejunity/tt05-spiking-neural-net
590 Jason Eshraghian Hodgkin-Huxley Neuron HDL https://github.com/jeshraghian/tt05-hodgkin-huxley
641 Ivan M Bow PRBS Generator Wokwi https://github.com/wulfhednar02/tt05_prbs_generator
643 Devin Atkin Stop Watch HDL https://github.com/devinatkin/tt05-stopwatch
645 algofoogle (Anton Maurovic) vga_spi_rom HDL https://github.com/algofoogle/tt05-vga-spi-rom
647 akita11 RO and counter HDL https://github.com/akita11/tt05-verilog-demo
649 Hirosh Dabui 8-Bit Shift Register with Output Latches 74HC595 HDL https://github.com/splinedrive/74hc595
651 Pat Deegan Neptune guitar tuner (proportional window, version b, debug output on bidir pins, larger set of frequencies) HDL https://github.com/psychogenic/tt04-neptune
653 Uri Shaked Simon Says game HDL https://github.com/urish/tt05-simon-game-openlane2
654 Hirosh Dabui KianV uLinux SoC HDL https://github.com/splinedrive/KianV_rv32ia_uLinux_SoC
655 Uri Shaked Ring oscillator with counter HDL https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tt05-ringosc-counter
705 Sunao Furukawa cpu_8bit HDL https://github.com/Sunao-Furukawa/tt_um_sunaofurukawa_cpu_8bit
707 Matt Venn VGA clock HDL https://github.com/mattvenn/tt04-vga-clock
709 Matt Venn 7 segment seconds (Verilog Demo) HDL https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tt05-verilog-demo
711 Matt Venn Frequency counter HDL https://github.com/mattvenn/tt-frequency-counter
713 Matt Venn RGB Mixer HDL https://github.com/mattvenn/tt04-rgb-mixer
715 Mike Bell SPI Peripheral HDL https://github.com/MichaelBell/tt05-spi-peripheral
717 Gustavo Gomez Multiplexed clock HDL https://github.com/Noteolvides/Noteolvides_clock_TinyTapeout
718 Pat Deegan, psychogenic.com Shaman: SHA-256 hasher HDL https://github.com/psychogenic/tt05-shaman
719 Uri Shaked Openframe Mask Revision HDL https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tt05-mask-rev-for-tim