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Tiny Tapeout 8 - Visit https://tinytapeout.com for more information on the project and how to get involved  |   https://tinytapeout.com
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Tiny Tapeout 8

This repository contains the GDS file for the Tiny Tapeout 8 project. It was generated from https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tinytapeout-08@55e22ad034c440dfeeb448ad5fbbb5f38856424b.

Project Index

Address Author Title Type Git Repo
0 Uri Shaked Chip ROM HDL https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tt-chip-rom
1 Tiny Tapeout TinyTapeout 8 Factory Test HDL https://github.com/TinyTapeout/tt08-factory-test
239 Matt Venn Analog 8 bit 3.3v R2R DAC Analog https://github.com/mattvenn/tt08-analog-r2r-dac-3v3
907 Uri Shaked Simon Says memory game HDL https://github.com/urish/tt08-simon-game
909 Tommy Thorn MaxBW interconnect HDL https://github.com/tommythorn/tt08-maxbw
911 Renaldas Zioma Tiny Tapeout logo HDL https://github.com/rejunity/tt08-large-266x266-tiny-tapeout-logo-in-1-tile